Skid plates will save the underside of your deck from razortail, but what about the top? If you do lots of caspers on asphalt, you might need some woodscrews. Think of these like mini skid plates: they’ll stop the top of the deck getting worn away without snagging under your foot on “normal” tricks.

We recommend you only add one set of these to the build to protect one end of your board; they can cause you to slide out on polished concrete and aren’t particularly comfortable for fingerflips, so leaving one end of the deck woodscrew-free is a smart move. If that doesn’t worry you, bump up the count to 2 and we’ll put them into both ends of the deck as we finish building your board.

If these are going on the tail of a single kick, we’ll put two on either side of the nose as shown in the photo to protect the griptape from damage caused by landing with the deck upside down. This is a “freebie” – you still only need to add one set of screws to the total build – and they’ll be out of the way of fingerflips, so you won’t need to worry about them getting in the way (providing you’re doing your fingerflips properly, anyway).

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