Toxic Denny Riordon Complete Freestyle Skateboard

Original price was: £229.70.Current price is: £200.


Toxic Denny Riordon Complete Freestyle Skateboard

Original price was: £229.70.Current price is: £200.

If you wanted to get yourself a complete freestyle skateboard without the hassle or confusion of dealing with the freestyle setup builder, this pre-built Denny Riordon complete should make your life easier.

The Denny Riordon reissue from Toxic is the highest quality freestyle reissue we’ve ever seen. If you want an absolutely period-correct single kick freestyle setup to live out your 1980s-themed pogo-related fantasies, this is definitely the deck for you.

To keep this as 1980s as possible, we’ve outfitted it with some Sure-Grip Invader trucks and some matching Sure-Grip Fame wheels. We’ve also thrown in some rock-solid Khiro bushings for maximum stability, a pair of high-grade Seismic skid plates for longevity and some Synopsis Stingrays bearings to keep you rolling for longer.

Just don’t expect to be turning much with this truck setup – it’s just as rock-solid as the 80s guys liked it!

This will arrive fully assembled and ready to skate, so you can jump on and start learning freestyle tricks straight away with minimal hassle.

Sure-Grip Fame Wheels

Time for something a little different.

These wheels for Sure-Grip are designed and made for "artistic" rollerskates, but like the Rollerbones, they can be used as a freestyle wheel - with a couple of caveats.

First, you need to use specially sized rollerskate spacers (which we provide with each set). This means bearings with built-in spacers like the Tekton Lites or Biltins WILL NOT FIT. (Don't say we didn't warn you.)

Secondly, because the space between the bearings is fractionally smaller, you'll need to make up the space between the wheel and the hangar with "speed rings" (otherwise known as washers) to push the wheel out to the end of the axle.

But once you cross those hurdles, you get a surprisingly skinny and lightweight wheel at a relatively low price, and to us, that sounds like a winner.

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Sure-Grip Fame Wheels



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