Synopsis Stainless Steel Bearings


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Synopsis Stainless Steel Bearings


Despite being based in LA, Synopsis have come through with the perfect product for Britain: rainproof* bearings.

Much like Synopsis’ ever-popular Blue Rays, a pack of these Stainless Steel bearings includes replacement axle nuts, a full pack of eight speed washers, bearing spacers (which you really should use!) and, most importantly, a little bottle of bearing lubricant to help you keep these running smoother for longer.

However, unlike every other skateboard bearing, these are made of stainless steel (the clue’s in the name, folks) – meaning that they won’t corrode when faced with a typical British winter. Synopsis have also packed them with grease and fitted shields on both sides to keep dirt out of the races for longer – there’s literally nothing better for getting from A to B in all conditions.

So why aren’t all bearings made with stainless steel? Well, to put it bluntly… because stainless steel is more brittle. You don’t want to be doing stair sets or any impact-based skating with these – it’s possible you could shatter the ball bearings with a few too many kickflips. But if you want something for a wet pub run or an all-weather downhill weekend, these bearings have got you covered.

* Note that nothing is completely rainproof – you’ll still need to clean these from time to time to get out any dirt that the rainwater has flushed through the bearing unit. But we’ve tested them… and they definitely don’t rust!

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