Sure-Grip Invader 700 Trucks


Sure-Grip Invader 700 Trucks


We’re constantly on the hunt for more slalom and freestyle trucks, and these Sure-Grip Invaders fit the bill perfectly. They’re very, very old-school in design; they look like the original Tracker Fultracks in more ways than one. With the “swept” pivot, solid bushing seat, and a less-turny-than-average 10º kingpin angle, these would be perfect as a back truck in a slalom rig or as a locked-tight freestyle truck for a stationary-orientated setup.

With a 6.97″ axle, these will work on any freestyle deck between 7.25″ and 7.5″ wide. We recommend coupling these with a single kick deck such as the Moonshine Kill Your Idols and the freestyle wheels of your choice for a wonderfully retro rig.

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Want the low-down on these Sure-Grip Invader 700 trucks with minimal reading on your part? Have a look at this video review of them. Or, if the written word and concrete measurements are your thing, skip the video and carry on.

We weren’t kidding above: these Sure-Grip trucks are incredibly old-school. In fact, when you look at the baseplate, it looks like the moulds haven’t changed since the 1980s; the “new school” mounting holes cut straight through the “Made in USA” declaration on the baseplate!

As such, while these trucks are perfect for 7.25″ – 7.5″ freestyle decks, it’s worth noting that – like old-school Trackers – there is a lot more exposed axle than you might be used to. That was done on Trackers to leave space on the axle for the giant washers which held their copers in place; I don’t know if Sure-Grip ever made copers for these, but it translates to a lot more room for “tweaking” in the modern era. As an experiment, we threw some Mode Sunburst freestyle wheels on these, and with just the two included washers behind each wheel, you get a small amount of axle coverage and an edge-to-edge width of 179.5mm, or approx. 7.05″; if you push the wheel out as far as you can with a ridiculous four extra washers behind each wheel, you can get the undercarriage out to a 188mm or 7.4″ width. We do sell “speed rings” for that purpose, but you’ll need two packs to get the maximum width out of these.

(In comparison, a more “standard” truck like the modern Fultrack will go from 180mm/7.08″ to 186.5mm/7.34″ with the same wheels. It might seem like a small difference, but that sliver of an inch matters to some freestylers.)

In terms of measurements of just Sure-Grip Invader 700 on its own, we get a real-world hanger measurement of 105mm, an axle of 6.97″, and a height to the center of the axle of about 52mm with the stock bushings, with a weight (including all supplied nuts and washers) of 340g per truck. That makes these taller than the Fultrack, landing them clearly in the “mid” category with modern trucks like the Film 4.25″

The bottom bushing is a 17mm tall barrel, and the top one is a 10.5mm tall cone. The provided bushings measure 86a on our durometer, and we definitely recommend harder aftermarket ones for freestyle use; due to the large bushing seat built into the baseplate like Gullwing‘s Mission I, you definitely want to stick with a barrel underneath the hangar to get the best performance from these trucks. Our current recommendation is to use Khiro’s Tall Combo bushings; they’re a tight fit, but they give you the most urethane possible on the kingpin, which is always what you want for best performance.

Like all good trucks, the baseplate is double-drilled, having both the new school (shorter) hole pattern and the original 80s style holes. As such, these will fit on any board in existence, whether it’s a modern freestyle deck or a classic reissue.

The pivot cups have an excessively chonky 19mm external diameter and a more standard 13.5mm internal diameter if you ever need to replace them, and finally, finally, the pre-installed kingpins may appear to be traditional hex heads, but they’re actually a hybrid hex/splined mix, and without knocking one out, we’re not sure if you can use an inverted or traditional kingpin without resorting to something like JB Weld.

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