Sure-Grip Fame Wheels


Sure-Grip Fame Wheels


Time for something a little different.

These wheels for Sure-Grip are designed and made for “artistic” rollerskates, but like the Rollerbones, they can be used as a freestyle wheel – with a couple of caveats.

First, you need to use specially sized rollerskate spacers (which we provide with each set). This means bearings with built-in spacers like the Tekton Lites or Biltins WILL NOT FIT. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Secondly, because the space between the bearings is fractionally smaller, you’ll need to make up the space between the wheel and the hangar with “speed rings” (otherwise known as washers) to push the wheel out to the end of the axle.

But once you cross those hurdles, you get a surprisingly skinny and lightweight wheel at a relatively low price, and to us, that sounds like a winner.

Need more washers?

Offset Speed Washers

Considering they're so essential, replacement speed washers are surprisingly hard to find in the UK. While these are a small, seemingly insignificant item, we figured it was best to source a huge stockpile so we could make them available again, so here we are: Speed Washers.

If you don't know what these are for, they're supposed to be positioned on either side of the wheels, between your bearings and the hangar and axle nut - stopping the bearing from rubbing against them, being damaged, and slowing you down. You can also stack multiple washers behind the wheel to push the wheel slightly further away from the hangar if needed.

Trucks usually come with a pair included on each axle end, but in case you've lost the ones that came with your trucks or need more for some reason (like the aforementioned stacking idea), you can now grab some more.

We sell these in packs of 8, so one pack will be enough for one pair of trucks.

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Okay, here’s the deal with the Sure-Grip Fame wheels.

At 57mm diameter, they’re taller than most “actual” freestyle wheels – perfect for rail tricks, but you might need risers if you like your trucks relatively loose.

We measured them at 32mm wide with a 28.3mm roll surface, which means that despite being skinnier than other freestyle wheels, they actually have a surprisingly wide roll surface – which, combined with the 95a durometer, means more grip. Even the Seismic Focus only has a 27mm roll surface!

However, this width doesn’t translate to axle coverage. We measured the distance from the outer ring of a standard bearing to the surface furthest away from the truck as 8.6mm, and as a standard axle nut is 6.4mm thick, this gives you a pretty shallow 2.2mm of urethane covering the axle nut. If you’re a big fan of coconut wheelies, we recommend the new Seismic Axon as the wheel of choice (which has 5.85mm of axle nut coverage, for reference).

Also, note that despite being nominally 95a (we measured them at 96a… not that we’re splitting hairs here or anything), they feel and sound more like a grippy 99a. These aren’t cruiser wheels and won’t soak up rough asphalt as well as the 95a Focus or Mode’s 95a freestyle wheels. However, on smooth concrete or wood, they’re perfect.


Diameter: 57mm
Durometer: 95a
Roll surface: 28.3mm
Axle coverage: 8.6mm (2.65mm over the axle nut)
Overall thickness: 32mm
Weight (set of four): 305g

Additional information

Weight 305 g
Dimensions 11.4 × 11.4 × 3.2 cm


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