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Sure-Grip Century Trucks


There’s been a resurgence in 1970s style setups due to Neil Blender and his Polarizers, and these Sure-Grip Century trucks are THE truck for that style of skating.

If you’re not familiar with the Polarizer, it was originally a home-made deck, cut from old and heavily used street boards to replicate that 70s DIY vibe. Now you can buy pre-made Polarizers to save yourself some work, but you still need some rollerskate style trucks to get the right feel from the setup, and these Sure-Grips have rapidly become the standard.

Note that as these are designed for rollerskate use, there’s a lot of unusual things to consider to use them for skateboarding. Make sure you read the extra info below before buying!

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Okay, let’s get the easy bit out of the way first: these Sure-Grip Century trucks have a double barrel bushing setup, where both bushings have a 24.7mm diameter and approximately a 13.8mm height. The stock ones are a fairly standard 86a, and the cheapest and easiest way to put aftermarket bushings into them would be to use something like the Khiro KBAC-2 barrel-and-tall-cone setup; we rarely carry any soft KBAC-2s, but we can bring some in if needed. Otherwise you’re looking at buying four packs of standard size bushings and using the bottom bushing of each one to make a full set!

In terms of specs, these have a TINY 45mm hangar and a 105mm/4.125″ axle, with just 29.8mm of exposed axle to use on each truck. This means you’re also running fairly tight with regards to fitting a skateboard wheel on here – you can just about squeeze a speed washer behind the wheel, but even that leaves the nut a bit closer to the edge than we’d like. They don’t come with any washers, so if that’s the way you want to go, we recommend you pick a pack up.

They’re also about 49mm tall to centre of axle, but that’s going to vary depending on how you set them up… which leads us into where things get a bit weird if you’re not used to rollerskate trucks.

The first difference is the way the kingpin is installed. There’s a hex nut between bushing and baseplate, so you’ll need a 17mm spanner as well as your regular skate tool to adjust these. The kingpin itself threads straight into the baseplate, and then the aforementioned nut has to be tightened down as well to ensure that nothing can come loose.

The next catch is that the mounting holes are slightly smaller than usual – they’re JUST small enough that regular skateboard bolts don’t fit, so you’ll have to either pick up some slightly smaller metric bolts, redrill these for regular ones, or use woodscrews (which tends to be the more popular choice amongst the polarizer crowd).

On top of this, they have a totally different hole pattern to regular skateboard trucks, so you’ll have to be prepared to redrill your deck to this hole pattern – or, as suggested, use woodscrews to mount them to the deck instead of normal mounting hardware.

Finally, bear in mind that the hangar is so short that wheels which extend behind the rear bearing won’t fit – they rub on the truck.

Wide offset wheels like the 3DM Avalon will rub… …but tall wheels might still work if they’re as skinny as the Toxic Poison.

As such, our wheel of choice for these is the Seismic Oscar – smooth, fast, and grippy, but skinny enough to not hit the hangar!

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