Sure-Grip Bearing Press


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Sure-Grip Bearing Press


There’s no point spending money on fancy bearings if you’re then going to mash them into your wheels with your thumbs like a caveman – the second you start pushing one race1 out of line with the other, you’ve already damaged the bearing.

So that’s where this Sure-Grip Bearing Press comes in. This portable unit allows you to position your bearings, spacer and wheel on a single bar before pushing everything together with equal pressure on all sides, ensuring nothing gets pushed out of line.

And for bonus measure, there’s a bearing puller at the other end, meaning you don’t have to awkwardly position your wheel on the end of an axle and lever them out anymore – unless you’re using one of those fancy bearings with built-in spacers, anyway. Sadly the puller can’t help you there, as there’s nothing for the puller to hook onto inside the wheel.

But for everything else, this is great. If you find yourself installing lots of bearings or are regularly servicing the ones in your main setup (which you should), this thing is indispensable; we can’t recommend it enough.

If you’re not sure how a bearing press works, check the video below or feel free to send us an email if you have any questions2; we’re always3 happy to help.

Note 1: the races are those two metal rings – one inner, one outer.
Note 2: As long as the questions are about bearing presses, wheelbase options or obscure variations of the original kickflip.
Note 3: Office hours are 11am-2pm, Monday to Wednesday. Service outside these hours is charged at a premium rate.

Out of stock

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Here you go: a nice video walking you through the process of using the Sure-Grip bearing press to both install and remove bearings.

You can’t say we’re not helpful.

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