Speedlab Slappy Hour


Speedlab Slappy Hour


The Slappy Hour is Jason Adams’ signature wheel from Speedlab. It comes in a range of sizes, so no matter how big the curb (or ramp) is, there’s a suitable wheel for barging up on to the top of it.

All the Slappy Hour wheels are 99a, but the width of the ride surface changes depending on the diameter; the 56mm have a 23mm roll surface, and the 58mm wheels have a 24mm roll surface.

(Wider roll surface means more grip, more resistance to flat spots, and less likelihood of getting stuck on a stone)

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The Slappy Hour Jason Adams Pro model wheel series started with the Slappy Hour 54mm/99A as a guest model for legendary skateboarder Jason ‘The Kid’ Adams. Once Jason joined the Speedlab Wheels team, it made sense to do a series of wheels with different sizes representing the other curb colors. The 99A durometer is great for street & transition, providing control and softer landings on rough terrain. These wheels have rounded conical cuts on each side to provide a highly functional profile & shape made from the best formulas in the world for ultimate speed & control. Grab a set & strike hard!

Artwork by Jason Adams (front graphic) & Alex Hagen (back graphic).

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