Speedlab Shrimp


Speedlab Shrimp


The Speedlab Shrimp is an old-school freestyle wheel following the same 1980s template as the Mode Freestyle wheels or Moonshine x Speedlab Sirens – only with a slightly smaller diameter at 54mm.

(That said, like all OJII-derived shapes, we don’t recommend these for coconut wheelies due to the profile of the outer edge; save those for the chunkier freestyle wheels out there.)

Even if you’re not interested in freestyle (you heathen), these make for great flatspot-resistant all-purpose skateboard wheels that’ll tackle rough terrain better than the average 99a and 101a wheel. It’s really good to see so many companies putting out high-quality 97a wheels again – it just makes skating outside of dedicated parks that much easier (and more fun).

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From Speedlab: “The Shrimp 54mm/97A wheel is the Mini version of the Octo 57mm/97A which was created by drawing inspiration from one of the best street/freestyle wheels ever produced in the 80’s.  The Shrimp has a deep conical front and a radial cut on the back with an offset bearing seat.  The offset bearing seat allows this wheel to be mounted on all types & sizes of trucks so it can be skated by all of our #speedlabsupporters – skateboarders, freestylers and quad roller skaters.  The overall width is 36.5mm and the 97A durometer makes this an ATW (All-Terrain Wheel) which is great for everything from street to transition and surfaces from rough to smooth & slick. The Shrimp 54mm/97A is a multifunctional wheel made from the best formulas in the world for ultimate speed & control.  

Artwork by Alex Hagen.”


Diameter: 54mm
Durometer: 97a
Roll surface: 25mm
Axle coverage: 10.85mm (4.45mm over the axle nut)
Overall thickness: 36.5mm
Weight (set of four): 280g

Additional information

Weight 280 g
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 3.5 cm






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