Speedlab Bolts


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Speedlab Bolts


Note: these particular wheels from Speedlab have been discontinued. You can have a look at our current selection of Speedlab wheels by clicking here.

The Speedlab Bolts are basically your perfect mini ramp wheel. A skinny ride surface, 53mm diameter and 101a urethane make this a wheel designed for high-speed riding and sliding in modern concrete skateparks.

You could also use them in the street if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the three towns in the UK which have decent rollable surfaces. For everywhere else, we recommend the slightly bigger and softer Nomads instead.

Out of stock

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The Bolts are the apex of modern function with classic proven profile made with the best formulas in the world. Do yourself a favour – pick up a set and make everyone else look like they are riding in slow motion.

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Weight 290 g
Dimensions 11.2 × 11.2 × 3.5 cm






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