Snot Wheels Team 56mm (97a)


Snot Wheels Team 56mm (97a)


Snot Wheel Co was launched by Heroin Skateboards‘ head honcho/mad genius Fos in 2021, and now they’re back with a new range of cored wheels with premium “Boogerthane” – a flatspot-resistant premium compound with a little extra slide.

This is one of two wheels that Snot have made available in a slightly softer and smoother 97a compound in this batch. This is very much a Good Thing if you’re trying to skate street here in the UK – this will allow you to go faster on worse surfaces. Trust us on this.

Don’t worry: if you’re scared of change, you can always stick with the the 101a version instead.

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Diameter: 56mm
Durometer: 97a
Roll surface: 18.8mm
Overall thickness: 32.4mm
Weight (set of four): 275g

Additional information

Weight 275 g
Dimensions 11.2 × 11.2 × 3 cm






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