Snot Wheels 55mm Clear Snots


Snot Wheels 55mm Clear Snots


Snot Wheel Co is the new wheel company from Heroin Skateboards‘ head honcho/mad genius Fos, with a good selection of different shapes and sizes of wheels for street and park use.

These 55mm Clear Snots come in a beautiful ice blue colour; clear urethane is just a bit special, and it’s kinda cool to see it used in something other than a giant longboard wheel.

(Don’t worry – if you’re looking for a functional wheel and not just a pretty one, these come through on that criteria too. A 17.4mm roll surface, 101a duro and a classic shape makes these a great standard street wheel.)

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Diameter: 55mm
Durometer: 101a
Roll surface: 17.4mm
Overall thickness: 30mm
Weight (set of four): 260g

Additional information

Weight 260 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3 cm






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