Snot Wheels 45mm Lil’ Boogers


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Snot Wheels 45mm Lil’ Boogers


Snot Wheel Co is the new wheel company from Heroin Skateboards‘ head honcho/mad genius Fos, with a good selection of different shapes and sizes of wheels for street and park use.

Snot’s 45mm Lil’ Boogers were the smallest wheels we’ve ever stocked here at Offset until the 40mm SML “Really Small” wheels arrived. For all the kids out there who don’t remember the 1990s, these were the standard for a while; one set of wheels of this size and a big ol’ “football” shaped deck and you were ready to pressure flip your way to heaven.

(Extra bonus points given for the board bouncing off the floor mid-flip, too.)

Another benefit is that at just 145g for the whole set and a tiny 13mm roll surface, these things take absolutely zero effort to move around…

…just don’t expect to get down the street very quickly.

Out of stock

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Weight 145 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 cm






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