SML Succulents


SML Succulents


One of the core reasons Offset came into being is that most skate brands are run out of California or by people who rarely leave perfectly-polished skateparks, so the products they make and sell are designed for those situations – which is why so many wheels now are rock-hard. However, trying to use those in the average British town is an utter nightmare, so we’re always on the look-out for high-quality softer wheels to make life a bit easier on this crusty little island.

We’ve carried SML’s 78a Coffee Cruisers before, but at 92a, these new Succulents are truly all-terrain street wheels. If you’ve ever struggled skating rougher surfaces and crusty spots (which, let’s be honest, is likely the case in the UK), these will help you out a lot – without reducing your board to a mere “cruiser” or “filmer setup”.

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Need bearings?

Biltin Bearings

Abec11's Biltin bearings have been an open secret for a long time. Sought after for their integrated half-spacers and washers, these are a solid and easy to service bearing that will run and run. They even come affixed to a bolt in a dedicated tube which is designed to facilitate easier cleaning; just replace them on the bolt after a session, pour in some acetone, citrus cleaner, or surgical spirit, and shake them clean.

(Make sure you relubricate them before you put them back in your wheels, though!)

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We measured the ride surface of these at a skinny 19.5mm, so they should still be relatively easy to get sideways and slide if you’re committed enough – but be aware that sliding softer wheels with a ride surface that small could result in flat spots, so it’s not necessarily recommended!

Also, like SML’s softer Coffee Cruisers, the core on these still intrudes a fair bit into the wheel, so flanged spacers like the ones built into the Tekton XT bearings won’t fit; stick with the Tekton Lites or Biltins instead.

Other than that, these are, for all intents and purposes, a “normal” street wheel – just softer.

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Weight 235 g
Dimensions 10.4 × 10.4 × 3.3 cm






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