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SML Coffee Cruisers


One of the most annoying things in skateboarding is the fact that the industry is largely run by Californians. If you’ve been to LA, you’ll know that the average surface is considerably smoother than your typical crusty British street or skatepark – which is why 99% of all “mainstream” skateboard wheels are 99a or 101a. Great for the LA streets, but absolutely terrible back in ol’ Blighty. Pushing around on 101a street wheels in most British towns is a good way to shake your fillings loose!

However, if you’re looking for soft cruiser wheels capable of dealing with these terrible surfaces, you’re typically given giant 60mm-65mm things. What if you want a cruiser that’s still low, lightweight and capable of a few flip tricks?

Thankfully, SML have stepped in and made these 50mm Coffee Cruisers. The ride surface is 78a – smooth and grippy – but the soft urethane sits on a hard plastic core to keep them from deforming and losing speed, making them perfect for a quick push to the pub (and a few drunken kickflips on the ride home).

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There’s not much else to say about the Coffee Cruisers; they’re solid little cruiser wheels. If you’ve been dreaming of something soft and smooth, this is what you want.

We measured the ride surface at 22mm, so they should still be relatively easy to get sideways and slide if you’re committed enough. Note, however, that while they’re cored, the core still intrudes a fair bit into the wheel, so flanged spacers like the ones built into the Tekton XT bearings won’t fit; stick with the Tekton Lites instead.

Finally, the bearing seat is center-set. This means the wheel should be more rigid (which means more speed), and also means these don’t cover the axle nut. If you’re looking for a small cruiser wheel which covers the axle (whether it’s for freestyle or just to stop the axle getting damaged), the best we can do is the 95a Seismic Focus for now.

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