SML 40mm “Really Small” Wheels


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SML 40mm “Really Small” Wheels


After the first batch of 45mm “Lil’ Boogers” from Snot Wheels sold out so quickly, it became apparent that the early 90s fetishists were fully committed to the Big Pants Small Wheels lifestyle. As such, we bring you these Really Small wheels from the fine folks/absolute nutters at SML.

And yes, they really are Really Small. They’re 40mm in diameter, 24.1mm wide, and weigh just 90g for the full set of four; you can’t really get much smaller than this and still have something that counts as a wheel. This is basically one step away from just supergluing rubber bands to your bearings (which we definitely don’t recommend, by the way).

Out of stock

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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2.4 cm





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