Seismic Tekton LITE Bearings


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Seismic Tekton LITE Bearings

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Tekton Lites have been our most popular bearing for the last year for good reason: they have all the precision of Seismic‘s premium bearings at a lower price. And now, the changes they’ve made to their regular Tektons have been passed down to the “Lite” bearings, which mean a stronger bearing, too.

These Lite Tektons still have built-in spacers, but lack the wider flanges of the Tektons, meaning you get Tekton performance at a lower price – and they’ll fit into traditional all-urethane wheels.

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Full disclosure: what follows is Seismic‘s own text for these bearings. We’ve just copy and pasted it because… well… there’s a lot of text here. All we’ll add is that, yes, these bearings are bloody good.

A streamlined, more affordable version of Seismic‘s patented Tekton 7-Ball XT™ Built-In bearing design.
Next-level skate bearing tech – more speed, better handling, longer life!

  • Precision Alignment
  • 30% Stronger Steel Casings
  • Tighter Assembly Tolerances
  • Premium Lube

– More speed & acceleration
– Consistent wheel contact & grip
– Predictable slide release & hookup
– Extended wheel & bearing life

Built-in Spacing System: Integral half-spacers end in broad, flat contact surfaces that square up and self-stabilize inside wheels – correcting for flaws in bearing seat levelness, bearing seat spacing, axle diameter, and axle straightness. Combines with Tighter Radial Tolerances (3µ – 5µ) that minimize torsional play inside bearing assemblies. Locks in highly-precise alignment, protects against friction and wear, minimizes noise.

Tougher Construction: Superior steel and thicker outer casings boost strength by more than 30%! Ball raceways hold smooth polish, and bearings stay tight and fast, for far longer! 30%-stiffer casings resist flexing, spin truer / faster, keep seals from popping off on extreme impacts.

7-Ball Assembly: Classic configuration. Best overall durability against frequent high impacts and side loads.

Premium Steel Balls: Superior concentricity, surface smoothness, strength, and durability.

High-End Lubricant: Packed with premium “high-RPM” light grease from Kyodo Japan. Formulated for peak performance under actual skating stresses, not max free-spin time.

Inner Race: Specially contoured under seal to resist contamination, and stepped between bearing body and flange to save weight. Extends 0.5mm outside to form built-in washer. No bearing spacers or axle washers required!

Additional Features: Dupont® engineering-grade Nylon retainers, removable rubber-coated steel seals with printed graphic.

Meets or exceeds all criteria for ABEC-9 rating.

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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 10.7 × 2.4 × 2.4 cm
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    Love these bearings! Such good quality! Amazing price arrived quickly! *****

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