Seismic Tekton LITE Bearings


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Seismic Tekton LITE Bearings


These aren’t just cheap, off-the-shelf bearings with a custom shield. Tektons feature a built-in spacer, extended inner race to remove the need for washers, and a custom designed ball retainer which acts as an internal bearing shield without creating extra friction.

This is the “Lite” version, without the wider flanges of the rest of the Tekton family, meaning you get Tekton performance at a lower price – and they’ll fit into traditional all-urethane wheels.

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The Tekton Lite is a streamlined, more affordable version of the original Tekton 7-Ball design, suitable for non-cored wheels.

Seismic’s Tekton Lite bearings feature flat contact surfaces at the ends of integrated half-spacers. The flanges square up, co-align and self-stabilize inside your wheels – correcting for flaws in bearing seat levelness, bearing seat spacing, axle diameter and axle straightness. Your wheels roll faster with better control, while the bearings last longer and stay quieter.

Other features include: top-grade P4 steel balls, nylon retainers, black outer casing, removable rubber-coated steel seals with printed graphic, and high-end Japanese Kyodo grease. Construction meets or exceeds requirements for ABEC-7 rating.

The inner race is stepped underneath the seal to resist contamination, and it’s stepped between the bearing and the flange to save weight. On the side opposite the flange, the inner race extends 0.5mm to form a thin integrated washer. No bearing spacers or axle washers required!

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