Seismic Tekton Classic Bearings


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Seismic Tekton Classic Bearings


These Tekton Classics are the latest part of Seismic‘s ongoing plan to make bearings to replace all other bearing options out there.

Understanding why these exist is a bit confusing, but we’ll do our best to explain; they’re basically a hybrid of the cheaper Tekton Lite construction and the separate spacer of the Tekton XT Classic bearings, meaning you can use them in uncored wheels and rollerskate wheels which take non-standard spacers.

Basically, these are the bearings for if you want top performance on a tight budget and can’t (or don’t want to use) bearings with built-in spacers for some reason.

Note that we do highly recommend you use the spacers. Bearings without spacers risk getting damaged and are likely to run considerably slower over time. Also, note that unlike other Tektons, classic Tektons do not feature built-in speed washers, so make sure you keep the ones which come with your trucks!

Out of stock

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Full disclosure: what follows is Seismic‘s own text for these bearings. We’ve just copy and pasted it because… well… there’s a lot of text here. All we’ll add is that, yes, these bearings are bloody good.

Tekton™ 7-Ball Steel Bearings with Classic Free-Spacer System
Next-level skate bearing tech – more speed, better handling, longer life!

  • Versatile Free-Spaced Design
  • 30% Stronger Steel Casings
  • Tighter Assembly Tolerances
  • Premium Lube

Versatile Free-Spacer System: Precisely-sized spacers square up against bearings and stabilize them inside wheels. Combines with Tighter Radial Tolerances (3µ – 5µ) that minimize torsional play inside bearing assemblies. Locks in highly-precise alignment, protects against friction and wear, minimizes noise.

Tougher Construction: Superior steel and thicker outer casings boost strength by more than 30%! Ball raceways hold smooth polish, and bearings stay tight and fast, for far longer! 30%-stiffer casings resist flexing, spin truer / faster, keep seals from popping off on extreme impacts.

7-Ball Assembly: Classic configuration. Best overall durability against frequent high impacts and side loads.

Premium Steel Balls: Superior concentricity, surface smoothness, strength, and durability.

High-End Lubricant: Packed with premium “high-RPM” light grease from Kyodo Japan. Formulated for peak performance under actual skating stresses, not max free-spin time.

Inner Race: Specially contoured under seal to resist contamination.

Additional Features: Dupont® engineering-grade Nylon retainers, removable rubber-coated steel seals with printed graphic. Meets or exceeds all criteria for ABEC-9 rating.

Eco-friendly packaging: No oversized metal tins or plastic boxes – just a minimal recyclable cardboard box.

No fake tech or exaggerations: Just more speed and longevity through real science and no-BS engineering!

100% free of:

  • Random bearing tech adapted from other industries just for the sake of novelty.
  • Expensive over-hyped raceway coatings that interfere with optimal polishing and may actually grind on balls.
  • Over-hyped lubricant additives that accelerate wear not speed.
  • Misleading claims that industry-standard features and factory processes are unique or special. (e.g., deep-groove raceways with micro-channels, fine-polishing, fiber-reinforced nylon retainers, hand-inspection, ultrasonic solvent washing, etc.)

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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 10.7 × 2.4 × 2.4 cm
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