Seismic Tantrum


Seismic Tantrum


The Tantrum is Seismic’s freeride wheel. Poured using their buttery Elixir formula, these wheels are big enough to get a decent bit of speed but designed to break into a controllable, predictable slide when you want it – and only when you want it.

Looking to get sideways? This is the wheel you want.

Need bearings?

Seismic Tekton 7 Ball Bearings

These aren't just cheap, off-the-shelf bearings with a custom shield. Tektons feature a built-in spacer with a unique flange, locking the bearings together on the axle and restricting slop. No other bearing is this precise.

Note that these may not fit street wheels due to the larger flange; wheels without cores often have oversized bearing seats which may obstruct the inner flange. If in doubt, contact us or use the Tekton Lites.

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68mm tall x 43mm wide Tantrum wheels:

  • 31mm running surface
  • Centerset bearing seat
  • Double-radius profile
  • 139g per wheel

Poured in Seismic’s Elixir™ freeride urethane:

  • Smooth, predictable slides
  • Easy hookup
  • Bright ’thane lines

Seismic’s Cry Baby wheels grew up, went to college, and became the Tantrums: the lightest and most functional freeride wheels of their size on the market!

The 68mm by 43mm Seismic Tantrum is molded around Seismic’s proprietary weight-saving Energy Conversion (EC) hub – the first tall, wide hub seen in longboarding and still second-to-none.

The big, airy, fiber-reinforced hub combines with perfectly-refined proportions, superbly-supported radiused edges, and Seismic’s buttery Elixir formula for a truly progressive freeride experience:

  • Quick acceleration
  • Slide release and hookup that’s always easy to read
  • Vibrant ‘thane lanes
  • Consistent wear

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Weight 0.6 g
Dimensions 13.5 × 13.5 × 4 cm





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