Seismic Slalom Cones


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Seismic Slalom Cones


Slalom skateboarding is a tiny niche – and that might be because the biggest barrier to entry is cones. In ye olden days, a few coke cans would have made a makeshift slalom run, but if you’ve ever had a can get stuck under your wheels before, you’ll know how dodgy that can be. Your only other options are generally tiny and flimsy rollerskate cones (again, prime wheel-jammers) or big and weighted road cones (which you definitely don’t want to hit accidentally).

So we’ve bit the bullet, put our money where our mouth is, and imported a stack of Seismic cones direct from the US. These aren’t cheap – but they’re the only cones made specifically for slalom skateboarding. They’re tough (I’ve not seen one split yet), tall enough to get knocked away by the nose of the deck instead of wedging underneath, and heavy enough to not get blown over in the wind.

We sell these in sets of ten; generally, you want at least twenty for a good run, but ten is a good way to get started without breaking the bank.

Note: chalk sold separately

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9″/22.85cm Tall
5.25″/15.88cm Diameter (at the base)

Sold in a set of ten cones.

Not suitable for closing roads, directing traffic, or leaving on top of bus stops after a few pints.

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