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Seismic Oscar

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In their ongoing bid to make the best possible wheel for every last niche in skateboarding, Seismic have produced the Oscar: the world’s best “filmer wheel”.

This little 54mm wonder brings Seismic’s genuinely world-record-holding Defcon urethane to the smallest wheel yet; this wouldn’t look out of place under any ol’ popsicle deck, but thanks to the 83a “tire” and rock-solid core, it’ll roll smoother and faster than any 99a or 101a wheel of the same size – perfect for keeping up with someone on crusty British streets while lugging around a VX.

That said, you don’t need to be carrying a wildly outdated camera to justify using these. Need the perfect board for the pub run, or just want something softer to deal with the jankiest of street spots? The Seismic Oscar is the wheel for you.

Want to go as fast as possible?

Seismic Tekton XT 7 Ball Bearings

If you'd had some Seismic bearings before, you know roughly what to expect here; Tektons feature a built-in spacer with a unique flange, locking the bearings together on the axle and restricting slop. No other bearing is this precise. However, these new XT Tektons have gone through a redesign, with thicker casings to reduce any flexing and make them even stronger and faster than ever.

Note that these may not fit street wheels due to the larger flange; wheels without cores often have oversized bearing seats which may obstruct the inner flange. If in doubt, contact us or use the Tekton Lites.

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The Seismic Oscar is sold in sets of FOUR wheels.

  • 54mm tall x 33mm wide
  • 18mm running surface
  • Centerset bearing seat
  • 2.41 oz. (65g) each

Seismic’s new All-Terrain street wheel, in the world’s fastest ’thane. Roll faster, smoother, and more comfortably over inconsistent or rough pavement.

A breakthrough Filmer wheel, too: Roll further with each push, making shots smooth as silk!

Poured in Seismic’s proprietary DEFCON – the urethane behind the World Speed Records for both Skateboard (91MPH) and Street Luge (101MPH). Get ready for a whole new realm of FAST!

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54mm, 57mm


81a, 83a

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  1. Kenny McDowell (verified owner)

    Put these on my older original Moonshine freestyle deck as I have the newer Gale model to turn in in to an awesome hybrid street/freestyle/cruiser. Can’t believe how fast they are for a start – will be able to go anywhere on these! Highly recommended!!

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