Seismic Nose Skids


Seismic Nose Skids


After the success of their first skid plates, Seismic decided to make some new shapes out of the same high-grade proprietary compound. Like the original skids, these last longer and are slightly grippier than regular skid plate material – only now you can use them on directional and single kick boards.

They also keep Seismic’s curve along the bottom edge of the skid, giving you something a little extra to lock onto for caspers, a better point to grab for airwalks and fingerflips, and reducing the overall weight by 5g compared to other skids of a similar shape and size. Each one comes with the necessary hardware to mount it to a deck, but you will need a drill to put them on.

This particular shape works well on the nose of the Turi Zoltan deck from Cirus, the Denham Hill, Nick Beaulieu, and Kill Your Idols boards from Moonshine, the Deco and Mike Rogers decks from Mode Skateboards, and the nose of most typical 1980s reissues like the Mullen Chessboard. All of those decks will need a different skid for the other end of the deck, however.

It’s also useable on both ends of the Toshiaki Fujii deck from Moonshine, so make sure you pick up two of these if you’re planning on using this skid for that deck.

(Don’t know how to fit skid plates? Look in the description below for a handy installation guide.)

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So, you’ve bought yourself some Seismic skid plates. What do you do with them now?

Thankfully, our founder/owner/evil overlord made a video explaining how to fit them a few years ago. Grab a coffee and some tools and follow along.

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 13 × 4.2 × 0.8 cm



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