Seismic Hot Spot 69mm


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Seismic Hot Spot 69mm


Are you a serial cone dodger? A lifelong proponent of the high-end wiggle stick? Or maybe you’re just filling in your UKSSA membership card for the first time and need a fast wheel you can trust.

Basically, what we’re saying is that if you like slalom, you need to try these. They’re fast. Real fast. But don’t let that speed go to waste – couple the Alphas with some Tekton bearings (or even ceramic Tektons!) to ensure the best possible ride.

Note that we sell these wheels in PAIRS. One purchase isn’t enough for a complete board. That’s because we recommend the orange 78a Hot Spots at the back and the blue 81a on the front for a slalom setup, so you’ll need one pair of each.

Need bearings?

Seismic Tekton 7 Ball Bearings

Note: this is the old design of Seismic's Tektons and they've now been discontinued. You can find the new and improved Tekton XT by clicking here.

These aren't just cheap, off-the-shelf bearings with a custom shield. Tektons feature a built-in spacer with a unique flange, locking the bearings together on the axle and restricting slop. No other bearing is this precise.

Note that these may not fit street wheels due to the larger flange; wheels without cores often have oversized bearing seats which may obstruct the inner flange. If in doubt, contact us or use the Tekton Lites.

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69mm tall x 52mm wide Hot Spot Wheels:

  • 50m running surface
  • Offset bearing seat
  • Square outside edge, straight-cut inside edge
  • 156g per wheel
  • Sold in sets of TWO wheels

Molded around Seismic’s advanced Mini-EC hub, the 69mm Hot Spot is ideal for fast freeride, technical downhill, Tight and Hybrid slalom, and general-purpose cruising.

Not too big and not too small, the Mini-EC hub preserves ample tire thickness while stiffening the inside edge and super-charging inside edge rebound.

Available in two proprietary formulas:

BlackOps™: Defcon™:
  • Comfortable and predictable on all pavements
  • Balanced rebound and grip
  • Extreme traction fresh
  • Buttery and smooth sliding broken-in
  • Thoroughbred race ‘thane
  • Guinness WR speed
  • Directional slide
  • Long-lasting grip
  • Slow, consistent wear

Additional information

Weight 322 g
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 5.5 cm






78a BlackOps, 81a BlackOps, 81.5a Defcon

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