Seismic G5 Springs


Seismic G5 Springs


We’ve been fans of Seismic‘s spring-based carving trucks for a long, long time. Hell, we still use them on our personal slalom board, despite the derision from riders who spent £500+ on a set of CNC trucks. They’re fun and they work… but as they don’t use bushings, they do need special springs.

As such, we’re trying something a bit different here. We don’t generally hold stock on these, but as we import stock from Seismic every month or so, importing a set of springs on spec when needed isn’t a problem. So, if you’re looking for some springs and we don’t currently have them in stock, you can order some now and we’ll make sure we bring in whatever you need next time we ship product from Seismic’s HQ in Colorado.

Note that these springs are all sold in sets of two – i.e. one pack is enough for one individual truck. You’ll need two packs for a complete setup.

Not sure which strength you need, or want to know the estimated wait time for a backorder? Get in touch.

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Price is for a single pair of two (2) Seismic springs – enough for one (1) G5 truck.

Available in seven (7) color-coded strengths. Max-Light (lightest) through Extra-Heavy (strongest).

The G5 spring assemblies feature a breakthrough Spring Cap design that Seismic spared no effort to develop, test, and refine. Compared to previous generations of the Seismic spring truck, this keeps the Springs much straighter as they compress – resulting in a larger turning range and enhanced steering control.

All Seismic springs are currently on back-order but available from the USA. Place an order now and we’ll import them for you next time we bring in Seismic product.

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Max Light (White), Super Light (Orange), Extra Light (Blue), Light (Red), Medium (Green), Heavy (Purple), Extra Heavy (Dark Blue)


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