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Seismic Focus

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The Seismic Focus is Seismic’s classic freestyle wheel. As a time-served design, this wheel has been used to break new ground in freestyle and win competitions all over the world, going faster and riding smoother than any other wheel on the market for the last ten years; this is the wheel you want when speed and resilience is paramount.

Need bearings?

Seismic Tekton XT 7 Ball Bearings

If you'd had some Seismic bearings before, you know roughly what to expect here; Tektons feature a built-in spacer with a unique flange, locking the bearings together on the axle and restricting slop. No other bearing is this precise. However, these new XT Tektons have gone through a redesign, with thicker casings to reduce any flexing and make them even stronger and faster than ever.

Note that these may not fit street wheels due to the larger flange; wheels without cores often have oversized bearing seats which may obstruct the inner flange. If in doubt, contact us or use the Tekton Lites.

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The Seismic Focus is one of the most high-tech freestyle wheels ever made. Featuring Seismic’s signature urethane compounds and precision hub, this is the wheel you want when speed and resilience is paramount.

With a contact patch of 27mm, these wheels offer more grip than their competitors at similar hardnesses – while also being incredibly hard-wearing thanks to Seismic’s exclusive urethane. They have 10.85mm of axle coverage, measured from the outer ring of a standard bearing to the surface furthest away from the truck. A standard axle nut is 6.4mm thick, so this gives you a total of 4.45mm of urethane to burn away before metal will be scraping on the ground. And due to the shape of the outside edge, they stand up to the abuse of coconut wheelies longer than almost any other wheel – only the new Seismic Axon will last longer!


Diameter: 55mm
Durometer: 97 or 101a
Roll surface: 27mm
Axle coverage: 10.85mm (4.45mm over the axle nut)
Overall thickness: 36.65mm
Weight (set of four): 280g

Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3.85 cm



95a, 97a, 101a

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3 reviews for Seismic Focus

  1. Iva Jones. (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend these strongly enough. Fast, smooth, unbelievably smooth actually, grippy yet they break traction perfectly on command, light, precision crafted. They do not feel like any other wheel i have ridden. In a good way. I wanted to try these for ages and i regret not buying them sooner. I will be buying more and at this price or any price you would be foolish to pass these up. oh, and in case you wondered i have abused the hell out of these on the first session and failed to even remove the lathe lines. stoked.

  2. Eric Schäder (verified owner)

    Since starting to skate with them, all other wheels are out. These will be the only ones for me. Endurance, wear, grip, fast. Everything I’ve ever wanted in a wheel.

  3. Mart (verified owner)

    Happy with these! As mentioned in the other reviews on here, they are fast, give good grip while at the same time easily allowing power slides etc. Work well on less than perfect terrain.

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