Seismic Booster


Seismic Booster


The Booster is Seismic’s wheel for vert, park and bowl riding. With a lightweight precision core and what Seismic are touting as “the world’s most advanced no-flatspot formula”, this is one of the most high-tech park wheels available.

It’s worth noting that these are offset wheels; we measure them as having 10.65mm of axle coverage from the outer bearing. For those unfamiliar with the idea of an offset wheel, this means the bearings are positioned closer to the back of the wheel instead of centrally like most modern street wheels. This has multiple benefits (like no more damaged axle nuts!), but also means using these will make your undercarriage wider than you might expect. We generally recommend that you work on the assumption that your trucks will effectively be 0.35″ wider than the usual axle length, so you’d want (for instance) a 7.9″ axle to match an 8.25″ deck with these wheels.

(This doubles as a handy workaround if you want to try a wider deck without buying new trucks!)

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58mm tall x 37mm wide Booster wheels:

  • Machine-ground 25mm running surface
  • Offset bearing seat
  • Double-radius profile
  • Only 90.7g per wheel

Somewhat wider than most wheels of their height, and with a slightly offset bearing seat, the 58mm by 37mm Boosters offer breakthrough performance for modern pool and park skating. Poured with the world’s most advanced no-flatspot formula, and machine-ground for that perfect broken-in feeling. Great for hard-wheel sliding, too!

Additional information

Weight 345 g
Dimensions 11.6 × 11.6 × 3.8 cm



98a, 102a


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