Seismic Axon


Seismic Axon


The Seismic Axon is the newest and most high-tech freestyle wheel on the market. Seismic took on board all the feedback collected for the classic Seismic Focus over the years and made a wheel that is deeper, lighter, and stronger than anything else available today.

If your major concerns for a wheel include grip, flatspot resistance, axle coverage, or roll speed, these are the wheels for you.

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Seismic continue to push product development to whole new heights – the Axon isn’t just a regular street wheel with the bearing seat moved back or yet another reproduction of a 1980s design, this is a whole new wheel designed from the ground up to deal with all the demands of modern freestyle.

Sticking with the use of a hard core for the most precise bearing placement possible (ensuring better roll speed and less damage to the bearings), Seismic engineered, in their words, “extra-tough bearing supports and a unique extension to buttress the outside lip against high stresses (e.g., during Coconut wheelies and rail transitions)” to make the Axon perform better in all the unusual ways a freestyle wheel can be used. They also bumped up the axle coverage to give you more urethane to burn through on the front face and changed the outside profile of the wheel to make rail and coconut tricks lock in that bit better.

To say we’re stoked on seeing this wheel finally come to market after a year or two of testing prototypes is an understatement!


Diameter: 55mm
Durometer: 95a or 97a
Roll surface: 30.8mm
Axle coverage: 12.25mm (5.85mm over the axle nut)
Overall thickness: 36.65mm
Weight (set of four): 290g

Additional information

Weight 290 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3.85 cm



95a, 97a

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