Seismic 64.5mm Encore


Seismic 64.5mm Encore


Seismic did a lot of research on what longboard dancers need out of a wheel, and it culminated in the Encore: a wheel they proudly claim to be “the first wheel carefully designed for the rigors of modern Longboard Freestyle and Dance!” (That’s a direct quote from their site.)

What that translates to in real terms is a strong centre-set core with chunky bearing lugs which, while strong, still allow you to use bearings with built-in spacers to hold everything straight on the axle.

This slightly tweaked version of the Encore adds an extra millimeter to the diameter and two extra millimeters to the overall width, making a stronger and more resilient wheel. Also, they’ve moved to three different Defcon urethane compounds, so no matter how you like to ride, there’s a super-fast and predictable Encore for you.

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64.5mm tall x 44mm wide ENCORE Wheels

  • 33mm machine-ground running surface
  • Centerset bearing seat
  • Double-radius profile
  • 4 oz. each
  • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels

The first wheel carefully designed for the rigors of modern Longboard Freestyle and Dance!
(Outstanding for technical freeride, too!)

  • Finely-tuned height and width with beefy, well-radiused edges.
  • Unusually light for a wheel this size, with mass highly concentrated in the tire for enhanced momentum and angular balance.
  • Tough and durable – optimized to resist the extreme impacts of big Longboard Freestyle jumps.
  • Stone-ground running surface for near-instant break-in – consistent grip and easy slides from the get-go!
  • Poured in the very fastest urethane the skateboard world has ever seen, bar none.

Molded around Seismic’s trimmed EC™ core:

  • 37mm tall x 37mm wide – the largest and most supportive hub ever seen in a Longboard Freestyle / Dance wheel.
  • Thick, unbreakable bearing supports!
  • Improved “halo” hub configuration for more robust mechanical lock inside urethane without compromising tire thickness.
  • Formed from 85D fiber-reinforced thermoplastic – the toughest hub material in the industry.

Available in DEFCON™ ultra-high-rebound formula, in three finely-tuned durometer choices:

75A Bubblegum 77A Mango 79A Mint
Plush roll with extra grip. Velvety-smooth even on rough surfaces. Fast, smooth, and lively underfoot. An optimal balance of properties for most surface conditions. Ideal for smoother surfaces. Very fast roll with friendly slide characteristics. Excellent durability.

Additional information

Weight 454 g
Dimensions 12.9 × 12.9 × 4.4 cm




75a, 77a, 79a

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