Powell Peralta Ban This DVD


Powell Peralta Ban This DVD


A lot of folks wax lyrical about the Search For Animal Chin, but for our money, this is the peak of Powell-Peralta’s 1980s skate videos. Released in 1989, Ban This captures a weird time in skateboarding; Rodney Mullen had left Powell to team with Rocco and start what would become World Industries, and whether people knew it or not, vert skating and freestyle were basically done, and street was about to take over.

Despite this, Ban This features Tony Hawk some of the most technical vert skating the world had ever seen, Ray Barbee introduced the world to how good the no comply could be (and no one has ever matched his talent with them, despite their best attempts), Frankie Hill blew minds with some of the first big drops and handrails in skateboarding, and Kevin Harris and Per Welinder filled the gap left by ol’ Rodders with some top-notch freestyle.

Some 80s vids are nothing more than a historical artefact or curiosity at this point, but Ban This is a certified banger.

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