Paris Skate Tool


Paris Skate Tool


What’s the point in a skate tool if you never have it with you or if it doesn’t fit anything?

Those giant mass-produced plastic T-tools might be cheap, but they definitely don’t fit in your pocket… nor do they easily fit all the mounting hardware or recessed kingpins on modern trucks. And that’s assuming that cheap plastic body doesn’t snap or lose grip on the sockets when you put some real force into it!

Paris‘ Skate Tool, however, is every bit as good as their trucks; strong enough to withstand some proper torque, well designed enough to fit every nut and every bolt on every setup in the Offset office (and we have a lot of very varied setups here), and packs up small enough to sit in your pocket with your keys without causing an issue. And the best bit? The screwdriver is held in with a recessed ball bearing instead of a little rubber ring, so for once, you’re unlikely to lose this one.

This is the best skate tool we’ve seen in a long time. No matter what sort of board you ride, you need one of these.

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Don’t believe us when we say the Paris Skate Tool is truly pocketable? We just measured it up as 10cm long and 2cm in diameter at the widest end; there are cigarette lighters bigger than this thing! It’s pretty solid and could take a beating in your pocket – and thankfully, other than the small point of the screwdriver poking through, there’s very few sharp edges which would mess you up if you fell on it.

This skate tool is exactly what we’ve wanted for years.

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Weight 155 g
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 2 cm

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