Paris 108 Trucks


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Paris 108 Trucks


Paris are largely known for their longboard trucks, but their “street” trucks are truly top-notch. Combining solid construction with a top-quality finish, these are definitely premium trucks.

These 108mm trucks are perfect for freestyle use; coming in taller than most trucks and with a big square space on the baseplate, it’s almost like they were made with stationary freestyle combos in mind.

Throw them on any freestyle deck between 7.25″ and 7.4″ wide and you’re bound to have a great time. We recommend coupling these with a deck such as the Moonshine Kill Your Idols and the freestyle wheels of your choice.

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The Paris 108 truck is perfect for 7.25″ freestyle decks. Combine with a deck such as the Moonshine Kill Your Idols or Denham Hill pro model and the freestyle wheels of your choice for a perfect setup.

We’ve measured the Paris 108 up, and we seem to get a real-world hanger measurement of 106mm, an axle of 6.89″, and a height to the center of the axle of about 58mm with the stock bushings, with a weight (including all supplied nuts and washers) of 365g per truck. We thought the Gullwing Mission I were the tallest freestyle trucks we’d find, but these are definitely comparable.

The bottom bushing is a 13mm tall barrel, and the top one is a 12mm tall cone. The provided bushings measure 89a on our durometer, so we recommend harder aftermarket ones for freestyle use. These trucks come with an extra long kingpin, which means you can fit in taller bushings than usual; we recommend using the Khiro KBAC-2 bushings, as not only are they a perfect fit, but all that extra urethane will give you the maximum stability and rebound possible.

And the best bit is that despite the extra-long kingpins, there is more than enough hangar clearance for the kingpin to not bother you too much in no-handed pogos. You get the best of both worlds!

The baseplate is double-drilled, having both the new school (shorter) hole pattern and the original 80s style holes, meaning these will fit on any freestyle board in existence, whether it’s a modern freestyle deck or a classic reissue. Note, however, that it’s a thicker baseplate than usual, coming in at 6mm instead of the standard 4mm. They’re less likely to break than a lot of trucks, but you will need to take that into consideration when you’re picking out your bolts and risers.

The pivot cups have a 17.5mm external diameter and a 13mm internal diameter, and appear to be pre-lubricated to reduce squeaking. This is a nice move, and we wish more truck manufacturers would do this.

Finally, the pre-installed kingpins are of the modern splined variety, and there’s no way to use an inverted or traditional kingpin without resorting to something like JB Weld.

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Weight 730 g
Dimensions 17 × 8 × 7 cm



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