Orangatang Nipples


Orangatang Nipples


This double barrel bushing set is made from Orangatang’s “Randy Thane”, meaning they’re quite a lively upgrade compared to most stock bushings. Each pack comes with a full set of 4 flat washers perfectly sized to match one end of each bushing, making this a full upgrade kit for the trucks on your longboard.

Check the measurements below to make sure they’ll fit your trucks before purchasing, and also note that each bushing has a small chamfer on one end to sit into the bushing seat properly – don’t put them in backwards!

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(Note that all the following measurements for these Orangatang Nipples bushings have been taken by ourselves, not just copied from a manufacturer’s website. We never trust manufacturer’s measurements.)
Bushing Shape Diameter Height
Bottom Barrel 25.4mm 16.6mm
Top Barrel 25.4mm 14.3mm

We’ve also had to measure the durometers ourselves as Orangatang don’t bother listing them anywhere. We make the “soft” out at 84a and the “medium” at 86a; Orangatang say these kits are intended for 34-90kg and 68-118kg riders respectively, but we’ll let you make that decision for yourself based on setup and intended riding style.

Finally, these are (unsurprisingly) intended for RKP trucks like Bear‘s Grizzly Gen 5s; it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fit them in a typical TKP (often erroneously called a “normal truck”) due to both the height and the double barrel setup. If you’re looking for something for a street, freestyle or vert setup, we have a lot of other bushings for those.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 1.5 cm


84a, 86a, 89a

Suggested Use

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