Orangatang Knuckles


Orangatang Knuckles


Looking for a more consistent and predictable turn from your reverse kingpin trucks? The Orangatang Knuckles are what you need. With a solid barrel bottom bushing but an unusual “gumdrop” top bushing, these will give you a deeper, easier carve, but with a solid and lively return-to-center response.

Another huge improvement comes from the small hangar insert on the barrel bushing. If you’ve ever noticed that your trucks have a “dead zone” where they seem to lean without turning, or if you ever get clicks on a deep carve, your hangar is moving around the kingpin too much. The raised section of the barrel in these bushings fills the gap between hangar and kingpin and keeps the hangar moving as it should – and stops the hangar from hitting the kingpin and causing that annoying click.

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(Note that all the following measurements for these Orangatang Knuckles bushings have been taken by ourselves, not just copied from a manufacturer’s website. We never trust manufacturer’s measurements – and we were definitely right to not trust them in this case!)
Bushing Shape Diameter Height
Bottom Barrel 24mm 15mm (+1.5mm insert)
Top Gumdrop 24mm 16mm

It should go without saying that these things are tall. We tried to put some in a few different TKP (“traditional” geometry) trucks – including Gullwings, Aces and Paris – and they’re far too big to fit. Don’t buy these if you want something for a street, freestyle or vert setup; we have a lot of other bushings for those. Orangatang Knuckles should only really be used in reverse kingpin trucks!

Additional information

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 8 × 3.5 × 3 cm


87a, 90a

Suggested Use

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