Offset Spreaders


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Offset Spreaders


Once upon a time, there were special risers called “Cell Blocks”, designed to spread the impact from landings. However, they were hard plastic – meaning they were still likely to cut into your board and damage it.

A spate of heavy board cracks led Tony Gale and Michael Erskine to revisit the Cell Block concept and design these “Spreaders”. They support the whole truck (some risers aren’t big enough, and baseplates end up hanging over the edge), and spread the impact of landings across a slightly wider area. And because they’re made from MDF, they also soak up some of that initial shock themselves without cutting into the deck. They’re slightly taller than most risers at 6mm thick, but trust us on this – they work. They won’t prevent deck snaps completely, but they will reduce the amount of pressure cracks you get.

Note that they’re made in the UK and each one is laser cut and finished by hand, so you’re probably going to see some variation/tooling marks. Don’t judge us too harshly. They still work fine!

We sell these in pairs, so you only need one set per board. If you want a taller setup, combine them with some Miser Risers.

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If you’re worried about making your setup a bit taller by using Spreaders, don’t be. There’s various benefits to a taller board. Let Paul Schmitt explain the SCIENCE:

Even if you’re not planning on popping over stacks of boards, these risers will help in a bunch of different ways:

  • more space between tail and floor means easier manuals and wheelies
  • steeper angle when the board pops means easier impossibles
  • a taller board allows you to use bigger wheels – increasing speed – and reduces the risk of wheelbite
  • taller boards make rail stands easier if freestyle’s your thing.

In short, it’s win/win/win/win!

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