Offset Speed Washers


Offset Speed Washers


Considering they’re so essential, replacement speed washers are surprisingly hard to find in the UK. While these are a small, seemingly insignificant item, we figured it was best to source a huge stockpile so we could make them available again, so here we are: Speed Washers.

If you don’t know what these are for, they’re supposed to be positioned on either side of the wheels, between your bearings and the hangar and axle nut – stopping the bearing from rubbing against them, being damaged, and slowing you down. You can also stack multiple washers behind the wheel to push the wheel slightly further away from the hangar if needed.

Trucks usually come with a pair included on each axle end, but in case you’ve lost the ones that came with your trucks or need more for some reason (like the aforementioned stacking idea), you can now grab some more.

We sell these in packs of 8, so one pack will be enough for one pair of trucks.

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