Offset Sex Bolts


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Offset Sex Bolts


Whether you’re using skid plates or just like laughing at rude words (hur hur, sex), these are for you.

Note that all our skids come with hardware to fit them to a board. These are purely for people who need spares. Maybe you’re snapping them, maybe you casper the end of the board until they disintegrate, maybe you’ve rounded the heads off by using the wrong screwdriver, or maybe you just like the mental security of knowing you have some spare. Either way, stock up.

One order of these gives you two complete sex bolts – both the male and female parts. That’s enough to mount one skid.

(hur hur, mount)

Out of stock

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There’s not much to say about sex bolts. You’ve got a female tube part and a male bolt part. The two go together and do wonderful things.

In this case, they exist to hold a skid plate onto a freestyle board. You can also use them to hold together delaminated boards if 80s-style board repair is your thing.

These are M4 machine screws with a matching M4 female rivnut. We recommend you predrill the hole with a 1mm or 2mm drill bit to prevent blow-out, then drill through again with a 5.5mm drill bit, before widening the top third of the hole with a 6mm drill bit to get the female half into the deck. If you drill the whole hole with a 6mm bit, you’re likely to find the sex bolt just spins in the deck instead of tightening up properly. If that happens, try sticking a piece of grip tape on one side of the female section when you put it into the deck, put pressure on the top of it, and hope it holds!

(If you were skating in the 80s, you might have called these rat nuts. Presumably Powell-Peralta called them that because a focus group found that the term “sex” was a bit too rude for something sold to children. Us? We embrace the puerile. Sex it up.)

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