Offset 5º Angled Risers


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Offset 5º Angled Risers


Ever thought you wanted to turn a bit sharper? Or maybe you want to deaden your turn for some downhill stability? Angled risers – also known as wedges – are what you need. These ones are 5º angles, 15mm tall at the wide end and 8mm tall at the thin end (that’s about 6/10″ and 3/10″ in America-speak).

Check the full description below for an explanation as to how to tweak your setup exactly how you want it.

Note that we sell these individually – if you want to wedge both trucks (or even stack two on the back truck for a very tall 10º angle), you’ll need to add two to your cart.

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So, angled risers, eh? How do they work? Thankfully, we have a handy diagram explaining every possible combination, thanks to the thoroughness of Tracker Trucks in the 1980s:

Tracker Wedges diagram

Click through to open it in a new tab if you’re struggling to read the huge amount of text.

(Larry Balma, if you’re reading this, we’re sorry for the blatant theft of this graphic, but there’s no way we could have explained it better.)

These wedges are hard plastic, just like the classic 80s ones. That means they won’t deform, but they might dig into your board a bit if you’re planning on doing a lot of high-impact skating. It’s not like you’ll want these for jumping down stairs, but we thought we should at least mention it.

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