Never Enough Felines Freestyle Wheels


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Never Enough Felines Freestyle Wheels


In the interest of European collaboration (Brexit be damned!), we’ve bought in some of Never Enough’s latest freestyle wheels to make them available here in the UK. These are the deepest freestyle wheels we’ve ever seen (check the extended description below for hard numbers and comparisons to back that up!), so if you’re looking for something that will make a standard freestyle truck sit more flush with a 7.4″-ish deck, these are the wheels for you.

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The Never Enough Felines have 11.5mm of axle coverage, measured from the outer ring of a standard bearing to the surface furthest away from the truck. A standard axle nut is 6.4mm thick, so this gives you a total of 5.1mm of urethane to burn away before metal will be scraping on the ground. This also makes them the deepest freestyle wheel we stock by a long way (the Seismic Focus has 10.7mm of axle coverage and Mode’s Sunburst comes in at 10.8mm, for comparison); 0.7mm of extra urethane might not sound like a lot, but if you’re trying to make a set of trucks work with a slightly wider-than-average deck, every little bit helps.

This all comes from the bearing placement, though. As the rear bearing is almost at the very back of the wheel, you still have the same 27mm rolling surface of the Focus, so expect a similar grip profile and ride feel to other freestyle wheels, despite the extra depth.

That said, even with the extra axle coverage, we still don’t recommend these for coconut wheelies due to the old-fashioned profile of the outer edge; save those for the chunkier Seismic Focus wheels.

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