Moonshine x Speedlab Sirens


Moonshine x Speedlab Sirens


Want a narrower, lighter wheel for freestyle skateboarding? The Sirens are what you’re looking for. With high-grade Speedlab urethane and Moonshine specification and design, these wheels take the 1980s OJII shape and bring it up to speed for modern freestyle.

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Need bearings?

Seismic Tekton LITE Bearings

These aren't just cheap, off-the-shelf bearings with a custom shield. Tektons feature a built-in spacer, extended inner race to remove the need for washers, and a custom designed ball retainer which acts as an internal bearing shield without creating extra friction.

This is the "Lite" version, without the wider flanges of the rest of the Tekton family, meaning you get Tekton performance at a lower price - and they'll fit into traditional all-urethane wheels.

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The Moonshine x Speedlab Sirens are our recommendation for anyone who’s looking for a more street-friendly freestyle wheel. Light and with a deep offset despite their narrow 25mm rolling surface, these wheels will cover the axle nut without feeling “clunky” like most deep freestyle wheels. This translates to a wheel which breaks into a slide easier, despite the slightly softer urethane.

That said, like all OJII-derived shapes, we don’t recommend these for coconut wheelies due to the profile of the outer edge; save those for the chunkier Seismic Focus wheels.

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Weight 290 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3.6 cm







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