Moonshine Toshiaki Fujii “Watatsumi” 7.375 x 30.5


Moonshine Toshiaki Fujii “Watatsumi” 7.375 x 30.5


The new Toshiaki Fujii pro model from Moonshine Skateboards keeps the rounded popsicle ends, mellow concave and overall length of his previous board, but improves on it by reducing the nose length to make it perfectly bidirectional and reducing the width by a fraction to line up better with the more common 108mm/4.25″ size of truck for freestyle – giving you far more setup options than before.

In other words, if you’re looking for a freestyle deck that will work better for a taller skater and/or still has room for big ollie tricks, this is the deck you’re looking for.


Length: 30.5″
Width: 7.375″
Wheelbase: 13.5″
Nose and tail: 6.375″ bidirectional

We recommend a pair of Seismic nose skid plates to fit this board – the regular skids are too wide.

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  • Moonshine Skateboards Toshiaki Fujii model, 7.375″ x 30.5″ with 13.5″ wheelbase.
  • Features mellow concave and a bidirectional design with a 6.375″ tail and nose.
  • Silk screened graphics.
  • Small Batch run.
  • Art by Chris Alliston.

Additional information

Weight 1110 g
Dimensions 77 × 19 × 4.5 cm






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