Moonshine Tony Gale “Lionheart” 7.3 x 28


Moonshine Tony Gale “Lionheart” 7.3 x 28

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The first board Tony Gale had on Moonshine Skateboards was the most popular pro model they’ve ever had. It required a brand new mould designed by Tony himself – a totally bi-directional double kick deck with absolutely zero concave, meaning the skater can move around more freely in footwork and have more control (and less discomfort!) in casper and no handed 50-50 tricks. A few folks were skeptical, but it worked really well.

For Tony’s second model, the shape remains unchanged – meaning you still get the narrower 7″ section in the middle for better kickflips and a longer lifespan on rail tricks, as well as the flat mould – but now it’s got a brand new graphic courtesy of Chris Alliston.

If you like fluid footwork, long lines of rolling tricks and technical caspers, this is the deck you want.


Length: 28″
Width: 7.3″
Wheelbase: 12″
Nose/Tail: 5.875″
Kicktail angle: 13º

We recommend Offset skid plates or Seismic skid plates to fit this board.

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  • Moonshine Skateboards Tony Gale model, 7.3″ x 28″ with 12″ wheelbase.
  • Features unique combination of double kicktails and truly flat concave with equal 5.875″ nose and tail.
  • Decks stained and handcrafted in the USA by Drifter MFG.
  • Silk screened graphics.
  • Small Batch run.
  • Art by Chris Alliston.

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Weight 980 g
Dimensions 71 × 19 × 3.5 cm




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4 reviews for Moonshine Tony Gale “Lionheart” 7.3 x 28

  1. Jamie Spence (verified owner)

    The Lionheart is an ingenious design for a deck that makes many disciplines of freestyle much more accessible. I have now bought and used two of these decks and within their lifespan I have progressed immensely. Rail tricks are solid and with the extra given wear by design, you will gradually find more comfort as you use the deck. Top marks

  2. Gary Hillock (verified owner)

    Sweeter than a sweet thing dipped in sweet stuff.

  3. almog (verified owner)

    this deck wants you to get in rail.
    suprisingly comfy on the street too !

  4. Stacey Mcgrath

    This is the first freestyle deck I have bought from Offset. It’s got a blinding shape and perfect size. You can’t go wrong with this double kick deck.
    Thanks Tony

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