Moonshine Tony Gale Complete Freestyle Skateboard

From: Original price was: £207.30.Current price is: £185.


Moonshine Tony Gale Complete Freestyle Skateboard

From: Original price was: £207.30.Current price is: £185.

If you wanted to get yourself a complete freestyle skateboard without the hassle or confusion of dealing with the freestyle setup builder, this pre-built Tony Gale complete should make your life easier.

Tony Gale’s pro model from Moonshine Skateboards is a unique deck: it’s one of the only truly bidirectional double kick decks made with absolutely zero concave, and uses a custom mould to give it very mellow kicktails, meaning it has a lot of the benefits of a traditional single kick without the drawbacks (namely the loss of bi-directionality). This is perfect for anyone who loves caspers, kickflips, and rolling footwork. In other words, anyone who skates like Tony Gale, funnily enough.

We’ve set Tony’s deck up exactly as he builds it for himself – Film 4.25 trucks customised with the ACE AF1 94a bushing kit, some Khiro risers and 95a Seismic Axon wheels for maximum rail stability. We’ve also thrown in some Synopsis Blue Rays bearings to keep you rolling smoother and faster – and a pair of Seismic skid plates to keep the board going for longer, too.

This will arrive fully assembled and ready to skate, so you can jump on and start learning freestyle tricks straight away with minimal hassle.

We’ve also made woodscrews available as an option for this board; as it’s designed for caspers, adding woodscrews to the build will stop the tail end of the board being worn away from the top by doing caspers on British asphalt.

Woodscrews – optional

Tony uses woodscrews on the top of the tail of his setup; if you skate on asphalt and do a lot of caspers, you might want to do the same.

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Dimensions 77 × 22 × 12 cm






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