Moonshine Nick Beaulieu Complete Freestyle Skateboard

From: £194


Moonshine Nick Beaulieu Complete Freestyle Skateboard

From: £194

If you wanted to get yourself a complete freestyle skateboard without the hassle or confusion of dealing with the freestyle setup builder, this pre-built Nick Beaulieu complete should make your life easier.

Nick Beaulieu’s pro model from Moonshine Skateboards is a modern double kick freestyle deck for the larger skater. While it’s cut from the same mould and has the same dimensions as the Felix Jonsson deck, Nick opted for a more rounded overall shape, making it that bit better for ollie tricks of all kinds. If you’re used to a street board and want to move to a proper freestyle setup without having to adjust too much, this is the complete for you.

We’ve set Nick’s deck up with Ace 11s, some Khiro risers and 97a Seismic Focus wheels for maximum rail stability. We’ve also thrown in some Synopsis Blue Rays for an extra-smooth ride and a Seismic skid plate combo to keep the board going for longer.

This will arrive fully assembled and ready to skate, so you can jump on and start learning freestyle tricks straight away with minimal hassle.

We do offer an optional bushing upgrade; add the 98a bushings below for a stiffer and more stable setup. We recommend it for adult skaters, but smaller or younger freestylers might not need it.

Khiro 98a Bushing Upgrade × 2 – optional

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Dimensions 77 × 22 × 12 cm






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Khiro 98a Bushing Upgrade



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