Moonshine Mirei Tsuchida “Quill” 7.3 x 27.5


Moonshine Mirei Tsuchida “Quill” 7.3 x 27.5

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It’s impossible to talk about modern women’s freestyle without talking about Mirei Tsuchida. Mirei’s been a forerunner in the women’s scene since the early 2010s – even to the point of skating with the guys because there were no other women to compete against! As such, Moonshine Skateboards has now given Mirei her first ever pro model, making her the first female pro freestyler of this millennium.

As Mirei had been skating Lillis Åkesson’s pro model from Moonshine for years, this deck keeps Moonshine’s signature low-concave bidirectional mould and the same overall shape, but reduces all the dimensions to fit Mirei’s smaller frame for easier and smoother movement. In other words, if you find it laborious stretching to both ends of the boards to do endovers, this is the deck for you!


Length: 27.5″
Width: 7.3″
Wheelbase: 11.5″
Nose and tail: 5.875″ bidirectional

We recommend a pair of Seismic nose skid plates to fit this board – the regular skids are too wide.

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  • Moonshine Skateboards Mirei Tsuchida model, 7.3″ x 27.5″ with 11.5″ wheelbase.
  • Features mellow concave and a bidirectional design with a 5.875″ tail and nose.
  • Small Batch run.
  • Art by Peter Andersson.

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Weight 1110 g
Dimensions 70 × 18.5 × 4.5 cm






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1 review for Moonshine Mirei Tsuchida “Quill” 7.3 x 27.5

  1. Kingsley Arriola (verified owner)

    I had slowly been getting into smaller freestyle boards starting from the Denham Hill Model’s 12.25″ Wheel Base to the Tony Gale Model’s 12″WB to the Kill Your Idols’s 11.8″ WB and finally the Per Welinder’s 11.5″ WB. I found to have enjoyed the Per Welinder’s 11.5″ wheel base, but its general shape was its main downfall especially in rail stands and was gutted to find that it was difficult to find other freestyle boards of a 11.5″ wheel base… Until now.

    I spotted this on Offset and jumped at the chance when I saw the wheel base was 11.5″. I also applied some Polar Bear Trucks and closed the wheel base even further with it’s unique 8 hole system (Which I couldn’t do on the Per Welinder because it used the old school mounting pattern.) Now I have found endovers and many other tricks that require the legs to be stretched apart to be nearly effortless and agile. It’s an amazing board all round. This might be my main board going forwards. If your looking for a small freestyle board, this is the board right here.

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