Moonshine Lillis Akesson Complete Freestyle Skateboard



Moonshine Lillis Akesson Complete Freestyle Skateboard


If you wanted to get yourself a complete freestyle skateboard without the hassle or confusion of dealing with the freestyle setup builder, this pre-built Lillis Akesson complete should make your life easier.

Lillis Akesson’s pro model from Moonshine Skateboards is our most popular freestyle deck for beginners by a long way. Perfectly sized for 99% of skaters and with a versatile bidirectional double kick design, this is suitable for almost any freestyle trick and a solid all-round choice.

For this complete, we’ve coupled the Lillis with some Paris 108 trucks customised with 95a Khiro KBAC-2 bushings for rail stability and easy truck tricks, and the 95a Seismic Focus so that you can skate on typically crusty British asphalt without issue. We’ve also thrown in some Biltin bearings for the strongest possible undercarriage – perfect for big rail landings – and a pair of Seismic skid plates to keep the board going for longer.

This will arrive fully assembled and ready to skate, so you can jump on and start learning freestyle tricks straight away with minimal hassle.

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Dimensions 77 × 22 × 12 cm






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