Moonshine “Kill Your Idols” 7.25 x 27.5


Moonshine “Kill Your Idols” 7.25 x 27.5

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What started as a bit of a stab at the tendency for 1980s fetishism by freestylers became one of Moonshine‘s most popular decks. This single kick freestyle deck takes the best elements of 1980s decks and gets rid of some of the worst traits of that era; as a result, the Kill Your Idols has actually got a useable1 nose, straight rails, and a proper kicktail.

In case it’s not obvious yet, this isn’t some outdated reissue – this is just as skateable as the rest of Moonshine’s freestyle line. Set one of these up, go out and casper to your heart’s content, and prove to everyone that freestyle has moved on since 1989.


Length: 27.5″
Width: 7.25″
Wheelbase: 11.8″
Nose: flat 5.625″
Tail: 5.825″

We suggest you use a tail skid for this deck. A nose skid is optional but recommended; check the video below for examples of setup options and how to use of this deck.

1: by which we mean not stupidly short.

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Want to know how to set the Kill Your Idols up, or just see one in action? Grab a coffee and watch the video below:

(Trust us: you are going to need that coffee. It’s quite long.)

  • Moonshine Skateboards “Kill Your Idols” model, 7.25″ x 27.5″ with 11.8″ wheelbase.
  • Flat deck with 5.625″ flat nose and a 5.825″ kicktail.
  • Decks stained and handcrafted in the USA by Drifter MFG.
  • Silk screened graphics.
  • Keeping Freestyle Dead top graphic. Is it part of a new series? WHO KNOWS
  • Small Batch run – and potentially limited. In true 90s fashion, we have no idea how long this will stick around (although it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon).
  • Art by David Paul Seymour.

Additional information

Weight 975 g
Dimensions 70 × 18.5 × 4 cm




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1 review for Moonshine “Kill Your Idols” 7.25 x 27.5

  1. Gary Hillock (verified owner)

    One of the best designed decks of ever

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