Moonshine Ikkei Nagao “Karma” 7.4 x 29.25


Moonshine Ikkei Nagao “Karma” 7.4 x 29.25


Ikkei Nagao has been pushing boundaries with his high-octane and powerful take on freestyle for a few years now, and Moonshine Skateboards has finally given him the pro model he deserves. Made with Moonshine’s signature low-concave bidirectional mould, this deck takes the overall shape of the ever-popular Lillis deck and increases the length and width slightly for more stability at speed.

We can’t guarantee it’ll suddenly give you the ability to do 720 gazelles and 900 bigspins, but you could do a lot worse than slapping some 4.25″ Film trucks under this thing and giving them a go.


Length: 29.25″
Width: 7.4″
Wheelbase: 13″
Nose and tail: 6″ bidirectional

We recommend a pair of Seismic’s regular skids for this deck.

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  • Moonshine Skateboards Ikkei Nagao model, 7.4″ x 29.25″ with 13″ wheelbase.
  • Features mellow concave and a bidirectional design with a 6″ tail and nose.
  • Small Batch run.
  • Art by Peter Andersson.

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Weight 1110 g
Dimensions 74.5 × 19 × 4.5 cm






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