Moonshine Dan Garb “Stinger” 7.6 x 28.875


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Moonshine Dan Garb “Stinger” 7.6 x 28.875


Note: this particular deck from Moonshine Skateboards has been discontinued. You can have a look at our current selection of Moonshine decks by clicking here.

Dan Garb designed Moonshine’s first single kick freestyle deck for his signature model, and it’s just as innovative and modern as you’d expect. While it still has the flat nose and no concave that you’d expect from an 80s single kick, Garb coupled it with a rounded kicktail for better ollie tricks and a double-drilled front truck to give you more options.

Want faster shuvits and more space for your casper tech? Go for the shorter 12.75″ wheelbase and a 5.75″ flat nose.

Want a steeper pop off the nose and a lower centre of gravity for your truck combos? Opt for the 13.25″ wheelbase to leave a 5.25″ nose.

Trust us: it might look old-school, but this isn’t your dad’s freestyle board.


Length: 28.875″
Width: 7.6″
Wheelbase: Double drilled; choose between 12.75″ or 13.25″ options.
Nose: flat 5.25″ or flat 5.75″, depending on your chosen wheelbase.
Tail: 6.125″ kicktail.

We recommend a pair of YOYO skid plates or Seismic skid plates for this deck.

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  • Moonshine Skateboards Dan Garb model, 7.6″ x 28.875″ with double drilled 12.75″/13.25″ wheelbase.
  • Flat deck with 5.75″ or 5.25″ flat nose and a 6.125″ kicktail.
  • Decks stained and handcrafted in the USA by Drifter MFG.
  • Silk screened graphics.
  • Small Batch run.
  • Art by Chris Alliston.

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Suggested Use


12.75", 13.25"



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