Moonshine Carmen Ionita “Iele” 7.3 x 28


Moonshine Carmen Ionita “Iele” 7.3 x 28


Despite her young age, Carmen Ionita has been stomping all over the competition in every women’s division in freestyle competitions across Europe, and so it was a no-brainer for Moonshine Skateboards to give her a pro model – the first pro model ever for any female freestyle skateboarder in Europe!

As Carmen has been skating Tony Gale’s Lionheart deck since she joined the team, her first model is built on the same mould with the same dimensions, but with one small but important change: the pronounced sidecut of the Gale shape was reduced by 0.125″ and given more subtle, gradual curves to make railwalks feel more natural.

The graphic is also a big departure from Moonshine’s previous graphics; the artist, known only as “Coffee Time”, opted for a more classical and painterly style to depict the Romanian mythological beings known as “Iele”, and as far as we’re concerned… it bloody works.


Length: 28″
Width: 7.3″ (narrows to 7.125″)
Wheelbase: 12″
Nose/Tail: 5.875″
Kicktail angle: 13º

We recommend a pair of Seismic skid plates to fit this board.

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  • Moonshine Skateboards Carmen Ionita model, 7.3″ x 28″ with 12″ wheelbase.
  • Features unique combination of double kicktails and truly flat concave with equal 5.875″ nose and tail.
  • Decks handcrafted in the USA by Drifter MFG.
  • Small Batch run.
  • Art by Coffee Time.

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Weight 980 g
Dimensions 71 × 19 × 3.5 cm



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