Moonshine Block Logo Beanie


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Moonshine Block Logo Beanie


A good, thick beanie has been a staple of every British skateboarder’s outfit for decades. Whether you’re trying to stave off the bite of the winter air or just want to complete that “look” (whatever that means), this Moonshine beanie will do the job.

Out of stock

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What is there to say? This is a Moonshine beanie. It’s a beanie. A wooly hat. A tea cosy for your skull. From Moonshine Skateboards. You know the deal.

Okay, okay. Here’s some information.

This Moonshine beanie is UK-made, which means it’s a bit thicker than the USA-made ones. It’s primary function is to keep you warm. It’s got a big, fat turn-up to keep your ears cozy, and only comes in one size. Unless you’re a horse, this will probably fit your head.*

It’s 100% acrylic, which means you don’t want to put it in a washing machine. You also don’t want to tumble dry it. Hand wash it with a bit of soap, rinse it out well, and dry it flat somewhere. And don’t iron it, you muppet.

*note: don’t try to put this on a horse. Also, don’t send us photos of you putting this on your dog and complaining it doesn’t fit. It’s only supposed to go on humans and we won’t be held responsible if your shitzu tears it to shreds.

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Weight 65 g
Dimensions 20 × 22 × 2.5 cm



100% Acrylic


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